Electrical Drawing

UCS Co-ordinates and Dimensions


In the following tutorial of Autocad, i have tried to help provide the basic concept of UCS co-ordination system and proper dimension and manual changes we can afford to do with UCS system and hence everything has been explained in a short video.

Feel Free to give us feedback that would be encouraging for us and we will try improve the level of our guidance.

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Tutorial Of Electrical Drawing 2

I hope you will find it helpful.

Electrical Drawing Assignment No.2

This is the first figure given to be drawn. We Take all the lines as given in the figures but we apply Start End Direction Command ARC for 180 first and then a Circle of radius 60 at the center of the figure.


First of all we draw all our lines with their respective measurement. but we now take the exact points from whom the arc should pass and we observe a little different ARC angles this time, the ARC on all sides should be only 20 UNITS on outside and we should get accurate dimension at the end of the figure.

The figures is Shared in the link below.


Electrical Drawing ‘Figure 3’

Here is the final figure Tutorial video. Hopefully, these videos are gonna be helpful because i have worked very hard to make these tutorial for guidance for you Especially. Stay tuned to this Link for more.

Electrical Drawing ‘Figure 2’

This is the Tutorial Video of Figure No 2, i hope it can be helpful in guidance.

Electrical Drawing ‘Figure 1’

Here is the Tutorial Video of Assignment No 2, figure 1. STAY Tuned

Electrical Drawing ‘Lab Task’

It was Today’s Lab Task for Electrical Drawing. i am hoping that most of the students would have found it easy But for those students and my class fellows whom have trouble using Computer. it can be helpful to watch it again and again and practice Helps them improve.

Electrical Drawing Assignment No 2

We were Given One Lab Task and 3 Figures to Draw as a Homework. I Hope Everyone of you Have command over the drawing but Just in case, If you don’t have any ideas about any parameter or Figure. I have Shared it for You below.

i have Uploaded Lab task and 3 figures and shared in PDF form, It can be viewed and downloaded. I Would be Happy if i can help you some.





And the below links contain all these figures Drawn in PDF Form. Soon i will be uploading the Tutorial Video of This Assignment For you. STAY TUNED





Tutorial Of Electrical Drawing

This is the Tutorial Video of first Assignment of Electrical Drawing For the 1st semester students of Electrical Department UET , Peshawar. i have made this guiding video for the students whom have trouble using and dealing with computer. It is in fact the simplest of Teaching method for the beginners because it can be watched again and again to understand and eventually it will help with more and more practice.

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