Welcome to 2nd semester, Gladly you have learned some basics about engineering and mathematics for calculations in the first semester. Now it’s time to introduce you with more stuff regarding how to design an electrical circuit with the help of passive circuit elements.

Books you will read this Semester is listed below:

  1. Linear algebra
  2. Engineering Mechanics (Static & Dynamic)
  3. Workshop Technology
  4. Computer Programming (C++)
  5. Pakistan Studies
  6. Basic Electrical Engineering

Workshop Technology can be interesting to students because it is the studies of designing a safe circuit, Learning safety and designing techniques for certain circuits. While Labs have always been interesting.

Computer Programming is extremely loved by youth because how COOL it is to be a programmer, But you will study only basics about computer programming, How does a compiler works and why do we do use C++. Furthermore, From general understanding to libraries of c++, From performing a simple task to enhancing skills to perform same tasks with multiple techniques is simply amazing. There are only two kind of People in Computer programming, Either you understand it and can perform a task or Simply you can’t do it. BEST OF LUCK!

Basic Electrical Engineering is the introduction to the basic circuit elements and their function in different types of circuits. Learning to deal with phasor quantities in a circuit and how to draw a phasor diagram. It gives you the greatest understanding of the circuits.